Ron Lawson
'Surf to Summit'

New Works Launched Online Friday 29th October

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The prolonged absence from travel along with a late-summer expedition to the Scottish islands has caused Ron to view the locations he loves with a new perspective. For this exhibition, as well as capturing his distinctive shorelines and croftscapes, Ron is also looking towards higher ground to include his experiences of some of Scotland’s majestic mountains.

Having developed a fascination for the terrain and geology of the Scotland over the years, Ron has incorporated more of the rocky environment he loves into his work from surf to summit.

“I’m excited to be painting mountain pieces for this exhibition.  I don’t want to paint huge panoramas, but instead, close-ups showing the dramatic make up and formation of mountains.”

The Cobbler in Arrochar, Am Basteir and Bla Bheinn on Skye will all feature in this show



Back down to earth, lighthouses and the island of Eriskay have captured Ron’s attention, as well as returning to some of his favourite island spots.

"I am attracted painting to lighthouses because of their location – they all sit on incredible remote rocky cliff tops. Muckle Flugga Lighthouse is amazing - balanced on a massive rock jutting out of the sea in the far north of Shetland."

“I’ve recently spent a bit more time on Eriskay - it's a wonderful remote heaven - rocky up and down with amazing formations and boulders- almost like a moonscape in places..


The way the land lies, cottages look like they’re just perched on cliffs and the top of rises.”

Uist Croft House and Sheep, 14 x 14, £1,650.jpg

Introducing his monochrome pieces to the public for the first time in 2020, Ron has chosen to create a collection of monochrome pieces to be included in this exhibition.

"I love painting my mono pieces. In my chosen medium of watercolour, I’m fascinated with the number of colours you can create from one colour, simply by just adding water. The effects and textures you can achieve with just this simple process are amazing.


My paintings ordinarily have a restricted colour palette but to paint in monochrome makes is even more of a challenge. I feel that I can create far more intricate work, painting this way. For this exhibition I’ve included a little twist with a few of the mono pieces by adding a red roof.."