Ron's Work

With his highly intricate, meticulous paintings, Ron Lawson achieves what every artist desires – instantly recognisable work. Using a limited colour palette, Ron perfectly captures intricately detailed scenes of the Scottish wilderness and its terrain, against his trademark stark, flat (usually grey) background.

His work has continued to evolve throughout the years, but one thing has remained constant – Ron's relentless pursuit of perfectly capturing not only the physical landscape, but also the feeling and emotion of actually being there and experiencing the limitless space and remoteness first-hand.

Green Door Thunder Sky Uist, 20 x 28, £2,950.jpg

"Through continually studying and painting my croftscapes, I strive to capture a perfect vision of how you feel when you’re actually there – the real sense of space. At times, I’ll paint my memory of a place, sometimes deliberately exaggerating the remoteness of a cottage just to convey the feeling I experienced standing there, in majestic and splendid isolation."

Uist Coast,  5x28, £1450.jpg

Behind the Scenes


Based from his studio in rural Perthshire, Ron prefers to work from memory and sketches rather than using photographs to create his paintings. Day to day, he is very structured and organised in his approach to work, adhering to a regular routine. 

"Each day at 9.30am I'm in my studio and ready to go. If I'm painting a body of work for an exhibition, I like to put in 12 hour days - there's usually a lot to be done.

Other times when there are no deadlines as such, I can be a little more relaxed and I usually finish around 6.00pm."

"To paint the paintings and in the style I have, I need daily discipline as it's an extremely intensive and time-consuming process.  But although discipline is needed, I'm painting and doing something I love so it's never a chore."

Ron Lawson1.jpg
On The Edge - Stage 1.jpg
On The Edge - Stage 2.jpg
On The Edge North Uist.jpg

On Location


Ron thrives on his trips to the wilds of Scotland to get inspiration for his works and loves to experience first-hand the endless skies, vast landscapes dotted with lone cottages, dramatic mountain-scapes and rugged coastlines.


Being unable to travel due to the pandemic was a challenge and Ron was thrilled to be able to return to his beloved highlands and islands to build up material for this exhibition.

"It was wonderful to return to the islands for the first time in 2 years.


I’ve been visiting them regularly for over 20 years but this is the first time I’ve actually gone in late summer.


Ravenous midges aside, what struck me the most was the purple hue of the landscape due to the flowering heather. I just had to paint it!"

When you experience the Scottish coast and the islands, it leaves an indelible impression in your mind.


I’ll never get bored of visiting them and I’d love to spend longer there and be able to experience a winter."